Renters insurance or liability insurance - quote online

Renters insurance or liability insurance - quote online.

Tenant insurance can be divided into two main categories depending on the type of insurance: Renters insurance and liability insurance. As for renters insurance, this is the rarest way to protect the interests of the tenant in terms of the safety of not only their property, but also part of the property of the owner of the premises. Many will ask why, because renters insurance covers the most complete range of risks? As for the range of risks, this is not the case, since the renters insurance covers only the damage caused to individual property leased from the insured, but does not cover the risks associated with the damage caused by the tenant to other tenants located nearby.

Tenant liability insurance as the best way to protect

First, let's look at what is liability insurance? The very concept of responsibility implies certain obligations assumed by a particular person in terms of his actions. And liability insurance involves the issuance of financial guarantees by the insurer to the insured person, if that person causes someone harm. Any type of liability insurance without a breakdown into mandatory and voluntary implies guilt, if the fault is not proven, then the occurrence of the insured event is impossible.

The liability insurance of the lessee shall cover the damage caused by the lessee in the course of its activity on the territory of the leased area. Premises covered by insurance can be of different purposes:

Renters insurance or liability insurance

Office - rental of premises for placement of the company's office in it. According to statistics, insurance of tenants of office premises in terms of loss takes the last place in the number of losses and as a result is the cheapest tariff.

Warehouse - rental of premises for placement of a warehouse on it. The cost of such a liability insurance policy depends entirely on the level of the warehouse and the goods that will be placed there.

Production - lease of such premises, as a rule, is made in industrial zones, which significantly reduces the risk of harm to third parties. But the final tariff will depend on the type of production activity.

Renters insurance or liability insurance

Retail - lease of retail space, usually in shopping centers. Liability insurance of retail space tenants is associated with an increased risk of harm to the life or health of third parties, which in turn increases the cost of insurance. Unlike office premises, not only the tenant's employee, but also other persons have access to trade.

Customers, visitors or buyers - all people for whom access to the premises is not prohibited.

Tenants or owners of adjacent premises or buildings, including the state, if the damage is caused to state or public property.

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