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Homeowners insurance quote

Homeowners insurance is a type of insurance for cases of destruction or damage to property, both immovable and items that are in a house as a result of the origin of such events as:

- mechanical damage;

- fires;

- natural disasters (falling trees, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, subsidence of the soil, etc.);

- unlawful actions of a third party (robbery, burglary).

Basically, insurance companies draw up property insurance contracts for homeowners insurance. In addition to insurance directly at home or apartment, citizens are offered to insure their own liability to third parties, which theoretically could be affected by a possible incident in your premises.

Conditions affecting the cost of insurance, quote

- the design features of buildings (private, brick, panel house or wooden), as well as the year of its construction;

- location of the object (usually, the cost of the insurance contract increases by approximately 0, 1 percent's for apartments from the first and last floors);

- types of stoves (electric or gas), the presence of fireplaces or open fire systems (stove);

- seasonal living in the premises or renting them out (increases the cost of policies, and sometimes such premises insurance companies refuse to accept service at all).

In assessing the occurrence of insured events as a result of a natural disaster, a regional feature is taken into account. The higher the degree of disaster occurrence in a given area, the more expensive the insurance policy contract will cost. The amount of payment in case of total property loss will be and will be approximately equal to the amount of the insured amount, however, it will not exceed the actual value of this insurance object during the period of the insured event. If the damages are partial, then the loss is reimbursed in the form of the sum of expenses necessary for repair (restoration) and bringing the property to the state in which it was accepted at the time of insurance within the insurance amount specified in the contract.

What can not be insured

- property not specified in the rules and subject to insurance, using other insurance conditions (warehouses, vehicles, offices, equipment, which belongs to legal entities);

- property that is currently in disrepair or requires major repairs, as well as being used for other purposes;

- manuscripts, securities, negatives, drawings, slides, photographs, data carriers, objects of religious worship;

- property manufactured or acquired for the purpose of conducting production or business activity or for sale, or which is currently being saved;

- caustic, toxic, explosive materials and substances;

- property items and equipment attached to the outer sides of buildings or balconies (open wiring, antennas, masts, protective canopies, canopies, hardware);

- Food.

Homeowners insurance quote

The most common mistake in concluding contracts is the fact that the clients do not distinguish between the insurance of the apartment itself or the premises (ceiling, walls, floor) and separate property inside the apartment being insured. Therefore, it is worth once again carefully read what is the objects of property insurance, which are discussed above.

Sometimes the insurer who suffered the insured event requires the company to recover the cost of the full list of the affected personal property.

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