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Auto insurance, quotes

Auto insurance, in other words, automobile insurance or insurance of land transport means this type of insurance for trucks and cars, motorcycles, buses, motorboats, boats and other vehicles related vehicles, including passengers, drivers and includes:

- insurance of passengers and driver in case of bodily injury in the event of an accident

- insurance of medical expenses after an accident

- insurance in case of death that occurred due to an accident

- insurance of the vehicle in case of damage or complete loss of the car as a result of an accident

- insurance of civil liability of the owner of the vehicle for damage caused to a third party due to the operation of a motorcycle or car (compulsory insurance of car owners of civil liability).

Possible insurance options: classic one-year insurance period, short-term before the onset of the insured event with full responsibility and on weekends, guilty, innocent or with limited liability for the winter season.

Varieties of insurance risks that auto insurance can cover:

- full insurance against theft and damage

- damage insurance only in case of damage

- additional equipment, insurance of acoustic systems, radio tape recorders, disks, antennas, etc. not included in the factory package

- civil liability of drivers (third party liability insurance for causing various damage to property, health or life; cover damages to victims who are not paid under the program of compulsory liability insurance for car owners)

- accidents (insurance of drivers and passengers in case of death or the acquisition of injuries resulting from road traffic accidents)

Auto insurance

Key parameters for auto insurance rates: model and brand of vehicle, price of a car and its additional equipment, driving experience, year of manufacture, number of cars that insure drivers, period of validity of contract, size of franchises, form of payment, depreciation of parts, amount of covered risks.

Mechanical and electrical damage insurance

Usually this service is included in the factory warranty. But if the warranty was not provided by the manufacturer or has already expired, you can enter into a contract of insurance against breakdowns. It includes car repair and the elimination of mechanical and electrical damage after the expiration of the factory warranty. In the event of failure of any auto component, the insurance company will pay for the replacement of this part and repair.

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