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The conditions beginning "U"


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  1. U-6 level

  2. U-shaped restoration

  3. The American Agency of the international development - AMR of the USA

  4. The American bureau of an engraving and press (the PROGRAM PROCESSOR ON the SERVER)

  5. American Ministry of Health and social security (HHS)

  6. The American ministry of housing construction and municipal economy - the PEEL

  7. American Ministry of affairs of veterans

  8. US dollar index - USDX

  9. Committee on financial services of chamber

  10. American league of savings establishments

  11. American savings regulation of communication

  12. American savings communications

  13. Treasury of the USA

  14. Trade agreement of the USA-Mexico

  15. Ukrainian hryvnia (Ukraine hryvnia)

  16. Contract Uberrimae Fidei

  17. UBS

  18. Statement of UCC-1

  19. UCLA school of management of Anderson

  20. UDAAP

  21. Group of ugly ducklings

  22. Credit report

  23. Ulcer index - UI

  24. Ultima

  25. Final table of mortality

  26. Final net loss

  27. Final generator

  28. Ultimogeniture

  29. Extreme ETF

  30. Laws with legal capacity excess

  31. Ultra-High Net-Worth Individual (UHNWI)

  32. Ultrashort bonded fund

  33. Ultrabystro trade

  34. Humberto Aa┬▒elli

  35. Insurance policy of an umbrella

  36. Umbrella personal policy of responsibility

  37. Point of the judge

  38. The principles of the UN for responsible investments (PRI)

  39. Unadapted basis

  40. Unaffiliated Investments

  41. Not assigned benefit

  42. Unallocated Loss Adjustment Expenses (ULAE)

  43. Unamortized percent of a discount on the bond

  44. Unamortized award on bonds

  45. Not counted for a year

  46. Free retained earnings

  47. Unaudited opinion

  48. Unauthorized Insurance

  49. The insurer deprived of powers

  50. Unauthorized investments

  51. Not surrounded with shaft

  52. Impartial predictor

  53. The policy of assurance of life defined the price

  54. Definition price

  55. Business school of UNC Kenan-Flagler

  56. The invariable

  57. Unclaimed funds

  58. Block of the uncle (Cryptocurrency)

  59. Uncle Sam

  60. Uncollected funds

  61. Neutral means

  62. Unconditional probability

  63. Unconditional investment

  64. Not condensed branch

  65. Voluntary investment

  66. Nonconventional stream of cash

  67. Nonconventional oil

  68. Open arbitration of interest

  69. Open parity of an interest rate (UIP)

  70. Open choice

  71. Undated problem

  72. At the message

  73. Underapplied above

  74. Underbanked

  75. Insufficient capitalization

  76. Overcast

  77. Insufficient consumption

  78. Part-time employment

  79. Balance of a part-time employment

  80. Insufficiently financed pension plan

  81. Underground economy

  82. Underinsurance

  83. The assessment of the motorist insured for the low sum

  84. The trigger mechanism of limits of an assessment of the motorist insured for the low sum

  85. The approval of the motorist insured for the low sum

  86. Problem of insufficient investments

  87. Lying in a basis

  88. Basic asset

  89. Lying at the heart of cost

  90. Lying at the heart of a debt

  91. Lying at the heart of the assumption of mortality

  92. Lying at the heart of safety of a choice

  93. Lying at the heart of profit

  94. Lying at the heart of detention

  95. Lying at the heart of safety

  96. Underpay penalty

  97. The result is lower than the expected

  98. Understating of the price

  99. Undersubscribed

  100. Obligations for collective investments of the transferred securities - UCITS


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