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Goods of a spot - goods for direct trade, contrary to goods according to the contract for trade is later. Goods - necessary advantage which is used in trade which is interchanged by other consumer goods of the same type. 

Consumer goods of a spot exchanged on a place the market with expectation of delivery in settlement. On the contrary,  established to the consumer goods sold in the future market delivery later.

2019 - Goods of a spot

Goods of a spot, Information - 2019

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Goods of a spotConsumer goods of a spot have to be ready to direct sale and delivery as the majority of branches, as a rule, locates within two days. Because of it the price of goods of a spot has more influence of pressure of supply and demand in the market, than future contracts. Future contracts will determine the price for delivery of a certain quantity of goods later.

Goods of a spotgoods perishability also factors in variability of his cash price. During the periods of excess delivery damage cost eventually outweighs the cost of keeping of goods.

Spot consumer goods in comparison with future contracts

Goods of a spotFuture contracts originally included providing the mechanism of hedging for buyers and producers. When farmers plan to grow up grain crops or to breed animals for the industry of agriculture, future contracts provide them some confidence round their financial return in a crop or slaughter. The price is locked in spite of the fact that can happen to market prices during last period. For the buyers expecting to take physical delivery of goods in settlement, the future contract protects a thorn in the prices. As the example, airlines will take part in fuel hedging and will buy futures in fuel of airline to establish the surprised or fixed expenses.

Goods of a spotUnlike it, speculators of consumer goods use future contracts to get profit on volatility of the prices in the markets of consumer goods. Speculators don't intend to take delivery of goods in settlement instead of buying and selling contracts on an exchange.

Discount and contango

Goods of a spotAs the value of the contract of commodity futures comes from the value of the main goods, it is reasonable to expect that the price of the future contract will deviate to the cash price of goods as the future contract addresses to the payday.

Goods of a spotAs a rule, the price of the future contract for goods moves above to the expected cash price as payday of the future contract comes nearer. This process is known as a normal discount. Economists trust higher rates on a factor of future contracts in risk of shortage of goods in the market of cash goods.

Goods of a spotThe opposite situation is known as contango. Kontango - when future contracts trade below the expected cash price of goods in settlement.

Goods of a spotFor example, the markets of a hog can lack supply and demand when animals are mentioned by an illness or weather fluctuations. In typical year it would be possible to expect that the price of the future contract will be higher, than the expected cash price. Investors will insure risk of a problem which could squeeze delivery or the requirement.

Goods of a spotIf the combination of bad weather and an infection devastated population of hogs, the cash prices as would expect, will raise because of unexpectedly limited delivery. Increase of the cash prices could put forward then the market in contango as future contracts adapt to correspond to increase in the expected prices of the market of cash goods.

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