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Haptics addresses to science about a touch in Artificial intelligence (AI). Haptics allows cars to work with human receptors of skin and nerves to provide an additional way to communicate besides typical methods of hearing and supervision or use of the traditional keyboard, a mouse or the dispatcher of video game.

Haptics can provide an additional layer of information without quashing other feelings or provide information that other feelings can't. It can also provide information far off which could only be provided usually personally, such as as part of clothes of feelings during experience of shopping online. Haptics have many applications in games, virtual reality, safety of vehicles, medicine and national defense. Haptics can help the user to find object or to avoid an obstacle, having set ready and conducting the movement of the user and having increased situational awareness both in real and in virtual settings.

2019 - Definition of Haptics Bank card, Credit online, Lending

Definition of Haptics Bank card, Credit online, Lending, Information - 2019

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DESTRUCTION OF 'HAPTICS' | Information 2019 - What is it?

Definition of Haptics Bank card, Credit online, LendingThe touch is made of tactile feelings or things your feelings of skin and kinestetichesky feelings which are related to position of your body as it moves also forces which it faces. Including kinestetichesky and tactile feelings, a brain understands human interactions with the world through a touch. With haptics when the person moves through the world, the technology can make a fool of them in reflection that they feel something that isn't really there.

Practical application

Definition of Haptics Bank card, Credit online, LendingHaptics can give machine user abilities which they differently wouldn't have. For example, the vibrating armband uses haptics to help athletes to learn to improve the work as they can't observe video feedback of or their competitors with the weakened sight. The armband can be programmed to teach the user to imitate fluctuation about the forward and to develop memory of muscles for an optimum way to move to various sports situations. Athletes I bore the weakened sight can benefit by this technology also.

Definition of Haptics Bank card, Credit online, LendingThe wheel relating to touch could vibrate to set ready the driver in their dead point or to tell the driver which way to turn as alternative or addition to voice navigation of GPS. It could also increase safety on roads, interfering with that the lost drivers looked at their devices.

Definition of Haptics Bank card, Credit online, LendingThe army developed the interface relating to touch in the form of the vibrating belt to help soldiers to carry out in the dark. This belt offers the surpassing alternative to night amazed looks and the illuminated GPS devices. It indicates eight cardinal directions and is connected with the GPS navigation system, a digital compass and the accelerometer to find, what way of soldiers goes. Fluctuations of a belt conduct the soldier , concerning which direction to come nearer and when it is possible to stop moving. This technology means that soldiers shouldn't look away from the environment or put their weapon to look at the GPS device, having increased their safety and efficiency by areas.

Definition of Haptics Bank card, Credit online, LendingOther application for haptics is in emergency situations. The glove of the sonar relating to touch allows users to feel objects which they can't reach under water which could be useful in rescue of victims of a flood. The glove uses echolocation to find that the object in water and the pulsing water streams with the motor engine provides feedback to the owner of a glove. A glove rather smooth to allow the user to take objects as soon as they are located.

Definition of Haptics Bank card, Credit online, LendingHaptics also have a lot of potential use in mobile devices, from creation of screen keyboards, it is easier to use, creating feeling of structure in keys, to creation of games there is more than entertainment, providing touch feedback. The system of integration of the Touch of Force into iPhone Apple along with the Apple Taptic Engine for MacBook created a new way to communicate with devices through a touch. The Taptic engine gives to users feeling of pressing of the mechanical button when they use the computer trackpad relating to touch though they really simply reduce a static piece of glass. One problem of addition of haptics to these devices creates effective the battery the engine relating to touch. Samsung Anycall phone Relating to touch carried out this technology in 2008 with 22 various users of feelings, can feel via her big touch screen.

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