Credit card | credit card processing and verification

Credit card, credit card processing

A credit card is a plastic card that allows you to make payments through a Bank loan. This is the difference between credit cards and all other Bank cards.

On external signs it is an ordinary plastic card of a standard size of 85.6 mm by 53.98 mm, is made according to ISO 7810 and above.

All modern credit cards have an individual number of at least 16 characters. This number encrypts some information about the Bank that issued the card and the card account.

In addition to the main number, the card can have 3 or 4-digit code Card Verification Value 2 (CVC2). It is used to verify the authenticity of the card when making online payments.

Like all other Bank cards, the credit card must have a PIN (PIN code) - the password to access its functionality.

There are three ways to use a credit card:

do not use the loan, but keep it with you as insurance in case of unforeseen expenses;

withdraw credit in cash;

make payments by credit card.

The first two possibilities do not require comments. Especially interesting in the modern world seems to be the third option. Let's consider it here.

Payment by credit card is the same as other Bank cards. All payments can be divided into two categories:

with direct participation of a plastic credit card;

without its participation – remote payments via the Internet.

In the first case, the card is inserted into a special reader, or is at a certain distance from it.

At this time the device:

Credit card, credit card processing

reads the necessary information from the card;

contact the Bank;

sends a request to write off the payment amount from the customer's credit account;

gets confirmation of this operation;

closes the payment procedure.

Within the meaning of these actions mean the same as the payment received on credit money.

But technically it is much more convenient, faster and safer in respect of cash theft.

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