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International Commercial Bank | Tirana

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International Commercial Bank Sh.A (ICB Albania) is a subsidiary of ICB Financial Group Holdings AG, the holding company for several banks operating in Africa, Asia and Europe. The Bank provides a full range of personal and commercial deposit, loan and trust services in Albania.
NBG Albania Bank | Tirane

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NBG Albania Bank (Banka NBG Albania Sh.A.) is a pioneer and a key player of the mortgage and consumer lending in Albania, having a considerable market share in these banking services. The Bank offers a full array of banking products and services to our customers from all the segments, large corporate, medium and small size enterprises and individuals.
Tirana Bank | Tirana

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Tirana Bank is the first private bank to start operations in Albania. The Bank offers a full range of comprehensive banking facilities including Deposits (Upfront Time Deposit, Junior Time Deposit, Flexi Deposit, Time Deposit), Savings Accounts, Payroll Accounts, Loans, Credit and Debit Cards, Money Transfer, Business Checking Accounts, Business Loans, Payroll Cards, F/X Forward. Tirana Bank is a part of Piraeus Bank Group.